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Welcome to the new age of healing cosmetics!


We believe in the healing power of crystals!


At Crystal Fusion Cosmetics™ we are proud to include a Reiki Energized Crystal in all of our products to help heal and detox your life on the go! Crystal therapy or healing is an ancient form of healing, or what we now call vibrational medicine. It involves the use of crystals on or near the body to open, energize and balance energy centers in the body, to cleanse heavy or toxic energy in or around the body, and much more. 

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Wondering what to do with your crystals after your done using our products?

We have some ideas that we know you'll love! 

Check out these amazing collaborations that will continue to spread the healing world wide!

Crystal Grids


Collect all your crystals and magnify their power by using them to make a crystal grid! Get your Free Crystal Grid Kit with your 10th product purchase!